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IEC 62715-5-3:2017 ed1.0
Flexible display devices - Part 5-3: Visual assessment of image quality and defects
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31.120 Electronic. Including liquid crystal displays / Электронные дисплеи. Включая дисплеи на жидких кристаллах
IEC 62715-5-3:2017(E) provides the framework and procedures for performing the visual assessment of flexible display devices.
Visual assessment stipulated in this document is applicable to flexible display modules in the following states:
- initial states and ageing states under standard ambient conditions,
- mechanically or environmentally stressed conditions,
- states after mechanical endurance test(s), after environmental endurance test(s) and after a combination of mechanical and environmental endurance tests.
Visual assessment is performed by comparing a test sample to a limit sample or to a set of grade samples. This document provides the framework and procedures for visual assessments that use a limit sample or a set of grade samples. This document describes the framework and procedure that are followed while preparing limit samples and a set of grade samples. This document also describes visual assessment when limit samples and grade samples are not available for the same type of defect.
This document provides sets of test patterns that can be used in visual assessments.