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IEC 62731:2013 ed1.0
Text-to-speech for television - General requirements
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33.160.99 Other audio, video and audiovisual equipment / Аудио-, видео- и аудиовизуальное оборудование прочее33.160.25 Television receivers / Телевизионные приемники
IEC 62731:2013 specifies the text-to-speech functionality for a (broadcast) receiver with a text-to-speech system. Such a system may be one device, i.e. a receiver with an integrated text-to-speech generator, or may be two devices, i.e. a receiver interfacing with an external text-to-speech device. This International Standard applies only to completely functional stationary (or semi-stationary) digital TV receivers such as set top boxes, integrated digital TVs, recorders and other products whose primary function is to receive TV content.