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IEC 62911:2016 ed1.0
Audio, video and information technology equipment - Routine electrical safety testing in production
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33.160.01 Audio, video and audiovisual systems in general / Аудио-, видео- и аудиовизуальная техника в целом35.020 Information. Including general aspects of IT equipment / Информационные технологии (ИТ) в целом. Включая общие аспекты информационно-технологического оборудования
IEC 62911:2016 defines routine electrical safety test procedures for use during or after manufacturing of complete equipment, sub-assemblies or components, complying with IEC 60065, IEC 60950-1 or IEC 62368-1 and powered by an a.c. mains supply or d.c. mains supply, to detect manufacturing failures and unacceptable tolerances in manufacturing and materials.All the tests defined in this standard do not necessarily have to be performed at the end product manufacturing location. The optimal location for the routine electrical safety tests can be defined by the equipment manufacturer and reviewed under the conformity assessment scheme.Key words: Audio, Video Electrical Safety Test