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IEC 63047:2018 ed1.0
Nuclear instrumentation - Data format for list mode digital data acquisition used in radiation detection and measurement
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27.120.01 Nuclear energy in general / Атомная энергетика в целом
IEC 63047:2018 specifies the format of binary list-mode data at the output of digital data acquisition devices used for the detection and measurement of radiation. Such data acquisition devices may employ digital signal processors (DSPs) and field-programmable gate arrays (FPGAs) in combination with memory and a communication interface with a computer.
This document is applicable to those data acquisition devices which are able to record and present interaction data of radiation in detectors on an event-per-event basis, with data stored in an output file or streamed to a remote computer. Such list-mode data typically contains timestamp and energy information, but may also contain digital signals or properties like rise time or sub-areas of signals computed by the DSP or FPGA from the signal samples.