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IEC 63169:2020 ed1.0
Electrical household and similar cooling and freezing appliances - Food preservation
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97.040.30 Domestic refrigerating appliances / Бытовые холодильные аппараты67.040 Food products in general / Пищевые продукты в целом
IEC 63169:2020 deals with a test to simulate the weight loss of leafy produce, given certain conditions of temperature, humidity and air movement in one or more test zones. The test can only be applied to spaces larger than 200 mm × 150 mm ×100 mm (L × W × H).
The aim of the test is to measure the weight loss rate by measuring the weight of a test tray prior to the test and after a given duration.
Weight loss is one of the considerations for shelf life of produce. Other considerations such as condensation will be addressed in future amendments.