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IEC 63172:2020 ed1.0
Electrical accessories - Methodology for determining the energy efficiency class of electrical accessories
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27.015 Energy efficiency. Energy conservation in general *Including energy audits *Energy management systems, see 03.100.70 *Energy efficiency of buildings, see 91.120.10 / Энергоэффективность. Энергосбережение в целом *Включая энергетические аудиты *Системы энергоменеджмента, см. 03.100.70 *Энергоэффективность зданий, см. 91.120.1029.120.01 Electrical accessories in general / Электрическая арматура в целом
IEC 63172:2020 provides a methodology for determining the energy efficiency class of electrical accessories, to enable the system designer to determine the most efficient components for an electrical installation, also considering all functionalities.
This methodology is based on the energy consumption, taking into account the individual functions of the accessory.
The energy efficiency class approach contributes to the overall reduction of the energy consumption of an electrical installation.