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IEC PAS 62396-4:2007 ed1.0
Process management for avionics - Atmospheric radiation effects - Part 4: Guidelines for designing with high voltage aircraft electronics and potential single event effects
14 стр.
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49.060 Aerospace. Including Avionics / Авиационно-космическое электрооборудование и системы03.100.50 Production. Production management / Производство. Управление производством31.020 Electronic components in general / Электронные компоненты в целом
Provides guidance on atmospheric radiation effects on high voltage, nominally above 200 V, avionics electronics used in aircraft operating at altitudes up to 60 000 feet. Is to be used in conjunction with IEC/TS 62396-1. Defines the effects of that environment on high voltage electronics and provides design considerations for the accommodation of those effects within avionics systems.