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IEC PAS 62958:2015 ed1.0
Clothes washing machines for household use - Method for measuring the microbial contamination reduction
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97.060 Laundry. Including washing-machines, dry-cleaners, driers, ironing and pressing appliances, etc. / Прачечное оборудование. Включая стиральные машины, машины для химической чистки, сушильные машины, гладильные катки и машины и т.д.
IEC PAS 62958:2015(E) specifies a test method for measuring the reduction of microbial contamination in clothes washing machines and of the possible cross contamination to uncontaminated load. This PAS applies to clothes washing machines for household use, with or without heating devices utilising cold and/or hot water supply. It also covers washing machines which specify the use of no detergent for normal use. This PAS applies also to washing machines for communal use in blocks of flats or in launderettes. This PAS does not deal with professional washing machines nor with commercial laundry operations associated with food service, hospital linens or other non-residential applications. It also does not address the needs of persons with specific health conditions requiring special sanitization and/or disinfection techniques. This PAS does not specify safety requirements and does not deal with performance of washing machines measured under IEC 60456 nor with effects on fabrics.