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IEC Technology Report LVDC:2017 ed.0
LVDC: electricity for the 21st century
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Low voltage direct current (LVDC) is a disruptive technology that fundamentally accelerates energy access and improves energy efficiency. LVDC applications are many and varied, and can be applied in every country in the world.

In developed economies, the main drivers for the use of LVDC are the improvement of energy efficiency and power quality as well as the conversion to renewable energy.

In developing economies, the standardization of various aspects of LVDC is likely to have a profound impact by facilitating electricity access in even the remotest of villages.

This Technology Report examines LVDC in terms of market potential, access to energy, voltage standardization, safety and other key considerations. It pools the collective expertise and know-how of experts from all around the world.

This Technology Report was prepared by the IEC SEG 4 on LVDC.

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