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IEC TR 60083:2004 ed4.0
Plugs and socket-outlets for domestic and similar general use standardized in member countries of IEC
359 стр.
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29.120.30 Plugs, socket-outlets, couplers / Вилки, розетки, соединители
The object of this technical report is to give general information about the systems of plugs and socket-outlets for household and similar purposes which are used in the IEC countries. The report only contains National Systems which are commonly used in homes and offices. It is therefore limited to systems for a.c. with a rated voltage above 50 V but not exceeding 440 V, intended for household and similar purposes, either indoors or outdoors. The report only contains systems for which standard sheets have been published in a National Standard, which may be a National Standard of the country itself or any other IEC member country.