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IEC TR 61000-2-14:2006 ed1.0
Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) - Part 2-14: Environment - Overvoltages on public electricity distribution networks
43 стр.
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33.100.01 Electromagnetic compatibility in general / Электромагнитная совместимость в целом29.240.01 Power transmission and distribution networks in general / Сети электропередач и распределительные сети в целом
Describes the electromagnetic environment with respect to the voltages in excess of normal that are found on electricity supply networks operating at low and medium nominal voltages and that can be impressed on equipment connected to those networks, without considering further effects (e.g. amplification or attenuation) within an installation. Since these overvoltages have the potential to hinder the functioning of electrical and electronic equipment, they fall within the definition of electromagnetic disturbance in the field of EMC. Various categories of overvoltage are described, based on relative magnitude, duration and energy content. This Technical Report describes the phenomena of overvoltages, it does not specify compatibility levels and does not directly specify emission and immunity levels. The report describes the various phenomena and processes that cause overvoltages, including the transfer into the networks concerned of overvoltages that originate in or traverse other networks and installations, including higher voltage networks and the installations of electricity users. The effects of overvoltages on equipment are outlined. Some case studies of overvoltage events are presented. Recommendations are made regarding the general technical approach to mitigating the risk of equipment being hindered from operating as intended by the effects of overvoltages. (It is not the function of IEC publications to assign responsibility for mitigating measures to any of the parties involved.) The purpose of this report is to ensure that this important category of electromagnetic disturbance is included in the description of the environment in Part 2 of IEC 61000. For that purpose, only a brief description is provided of the various overvoltages and their causes and effects. A much more detailed treatment can be found in IEC 62066. A UIE publication - Guide to quality of electrical supply for industrial installations, Part VI: Transient and temporary overvoltages and currents - has a similar content. Measurement methods are specified in IEC 61000-4-30.