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IEC TR 61191-7:2020 ed1.0
Printed board assemblies - Part 7: Technical cleanliness of components and printed board assemblies
115 стр.
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540.54 CHF (включая НДС 20%)
31.180 Printed circuits and boards / Печатные схемы и платы31.190 Electronic. Including preassembled modules / Электронные компоненты в сборе. Включая предварительно собранные модули
IEC TR 61191-7:2020(E) serves as a Technical Report and provides information, how technical cleanliness can be assessed within the electronics assembly industry. Technical cleanliness concerns sources, analysis, reduction and control as well as associated risks of particulate matter, so-called foreign-object debris, on components and electronic assemblies in the electronics industry.