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IEC TR 62517:2009 ed1.0
Magnetizing behaviour of permanent magnets
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29.030 Magnetic materials / Магнитные материалы
IEC/TR 62517:2009(E) describes the magnetizing behaviour of permanent magnets in detail covering:
- the relationship between the applied magnetic field strength and the effectively acting internal field strength;
- the initial state prior to magnetization;
- the magnetizing behaviour of all common types of permanent magnets subdivided according to the dominant coercivity mechanisms, namely the nucleation type for sintered Ferrites, RE-Fe-B and SmCo5 magnets, the pinning type for carbon steel and Sm2Co17 magnets and the single domain type for nano-crystalline RE-Fe-B, Alnico and Cr-Fe-Co magnets;
- the recommended magnetizing field strengths for modern permanent magnets compiled in a comprehensive table.