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IEC TR 62540:2009 ed1.0
Radio frequency identification (RFID) for stationary lead acid cells and monoblocs - Tentative requirements
21 стр.
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29.220.20 Acid secondary cells and batteries / Кислотные аккумуляторы и аккумуляторные батареи
IEC/TR 62540:2009(E) applies to all stationary lead-acid cells and monobloc batteries for float charge applications (i.e. permanently connected to a load and to a d.c. power supply), in a static location (i.e. not generally intended to be moved from place to place) and incorporated into stationary equipment or installed in battery rooms for use in telecom, uninterruptible power supply (UPS), utility switching, emergency power or similar applications. These batteries are covered by IEC 60896-11, IEC 60896-21 and IEC 60896-22.