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IEC TR 62685:2010 ed1.0
Industrial communication networks - Profiles - Assessment guideline for safety devices using IEC 61784-3 functional safety communication profiles (FSCPs)
63 стр.
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35.100.05 Multilayer. Including International Standardized Profiles / Многоуровневые прикладные системы. Включая международные стандартизованные профили13.160 Vibration and shock with respect to human beings / Воздействие вибрации и удара на человека
IEC/TR 62685:2010 provides information about the assessment aspects of safe communication such as test beds, proof of increased interference immunity (EMC for functional safety), electrical safety, and other environmental requirements. It is only applicable to safety devices for functional safety communication which are developed according to IEC 61508 and IEC 61784-3 and covers general industrial environments such as defined in IEC 61131-2 or IEC 61000-6-2 and process automation environments such as those covered in the IEC 61326 series. Reference is made to the ERS (Equipment Requirements Specification) and/or SRS (Safety Requirements Specification) of a particular safety application to verify the necessary immunity of devices and systems according to IEC 61508. This bilingual version (2013-04) corresponds to the monolingual English version, published in 2010-12.