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IEC TR 62921:2016 ed2.0
Quantification methodology for greenhouse gas emissions for computers and monitors
51 стр.
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13.020.20 Environmental. Including sustainable development / Экономика окружающей среды. Включая устойчивое развитие35.160 Microprocessor. Including PCs, calculators, etc. / Микропроцессорные системы. Включая персональные ЭВМ, калькуляторы и т.д.
IEC TR 62921:2016(E) provides specific guidance for the use of streamlining techniques that minimize cost and resources needed to complete greenhouse gas emissions quantifications. In addition, the product category rules (PCR) section of this Technical Report recommends "state-of-the-art" process and data assumptions in order to reduce uncertainty. Lastly, this Technical Report provides an example of how a calculation could be performed.