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IEC TR 63292:2020 ed1.0
Photovoltaic power systems (PVPSs) - Roadmap for robust reliability
37 стр.
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27.160 Solar. Including photovoltaic energy systems / Гелиоэнергетика. Включая фотоэлектрические системы
IEC TR 63292:2020 continues the effort started with the availability technical specification (IEC TS 63019). Availability is closely related to PVPS operational capability, health and condition and to produce energy and is a real-time or historical measure. The availability of a system or component is impacted by contractual and non-contractual reliability specifications, maintenance metrics and a corresponding maintenance and repair strategy, and also external factors such as site environmental and grid conditions. The intention of this document is to be a precursor examination of the reliability issues for further address in a task to produce an IEC Technical Specification on this topic.
While this document identifies reliability tools, topics and procedures, there are commercial products available to perform analyses and there is no assessment of those tools or to provide recommendations for one tool over another in this document.