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IEC TS 61158-3:1999 ed1.0
Digital data communications for measurement and control - Fieldbus for use in industrial control systems - Part 3: Data Link Service Definition
147 стр.
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25.040.40 Industrial process measurement and control / Измерение и контроль производственного процесса35.240.20 IT applications in office work. Including text processing systems, text communication, text presentation, Office Document Architecture (ODA), etc. / Применение информационных технологий в работе учреждений. Включая системы обработки, передачи и представления текста, построение учрежденческой документации и т.д.
Provides basic time-critical messaging communications between devices in an automation enviornment. Defines in an abstract way the externally visible service provided by the Fieldbus Data Link Layer in terms of a) the primitive actions and events of the service;b) the parameters associated with each primitive action and event, and the form which they take; andc) the interrelationship between these actions and events, and their valid sequence.The services defined are a superset of those provided by OSI Data Link Protocols as specified in ISO/IEC 8886.