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IEC TS 61244-1:2014 ed2.0
Determination of long-term radiation ageing in polymers - Part 1: Techniques for monitoring diffusion-limited oxidation
85 стр.
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17.240 Radiation. Including dosimetry / Измерения параметров излучений29.035.01 Insulating materials in general / Изоляционные материалы в целом
IEC TS 61244-1:2014, which is a technical specification, reviews experimental techniques to quantitatively monitor the effects when oxygen is present during ageing of polymers in various environments including temperature, radiation or ultraviolet. This edition includes the following significant technical changes with respect to the previous edition:
a) numerical simulation of DLO is much improved;
b) geometry of samples has been expanded from only the case of the infinite plane to the cylindrical and the spherical cases.