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IEC TS 62462:2017 ed2.0
Ultrasonics - Output test - Guidance for the maintenance of ultrasound physiotherapy systems
30 стр.
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17.140.50 Electroacoustics. Including sound level meters / Электроакустика. Включая слуховые аппараты и шумомеры11.040.60 Therapy equipment / Терапевтическое оборудование
IEC TS 62462:2017(E) describes methods meant to assist users of ultrasound physiotherapy systems in checking the performance of such systems. It is applicable primarily to physiotherapists, general medical practitioners, chiropractors, osteopaths, beauty therapists, sports professionals, biomedical engineers, medical physicists, medical device service agents, commercial testers, test houses or manufacturers. This new edition includes the following significant technical change with respect to the previous edition: it includes a novel method for periodic testing regarding possible changes of the effective radiating area using thermochromic absorbers in a new Annex E.