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ÖNORM CEN ISO/TS 14907-1:2005-08
Road transport and traffic telematics - Electronic fee collection - Test procedures for user and fixed equipment - Part 1: Description of test procedures (ISO/TS 14907-1:2005)
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35.240.60 IT applications in transport and trade. Including EDIFACT and e-commerce / Применение информационных технологий на транспорте и в торговле. Включая ЭДИФАКТ и электронную коммерцию
This document specifies the test procedures of EFC road-side equipment (RSE) and on-board equipment
(OBE) with regard to the conformance to standards and requirements for type approval and acceptance
testing which is within the realm of EFC application specifically.
The scope of this document is restricted to systems operating within the radio emission, EMC regulations,
traffic and other regulations of the countries in which they are operated and it is therefore a requirement that
all required equipment approvals from an authenticated and accredited test house have been obtained in
order to claim compliance.
This document identifies a set of suitable parameter and provides test procedures to enable the proof of a
complete EFC system as well as components of an EFC system e.g. OBE related to the defined
requirements of an application. The defined parameter and tests are assigned to the following groups of
¿ Functionality;
¿ Quality;
¿ Referenced pre-tests.
An overview of the tests and parameters provided by this document is given in 5.1 and 5.2. OBU
conformance testing against EN ISO 14906 (EFC- Application interface definition for DSRC) is covered by
CEN ISO/TS 14907-2 (Part 2 of this document).
The Technical Specification describes procedures, methods and tools and a test plan which enables to show
the relation between all tests and the sequence of these tests. It lists all tests which are required to measure
the performance of EFC equipment. The Technical Specification describes which EFC-equipment is covered
by the test procedures; the values of the parameters to be tested are not included. It describes also how the
tests are to be performed and which tools and pre-requisites are necessary before this series of tests are
undertaken. It is assumed that the security of the system is inherent in the communications and EFC
functionality tests and are thus not addressed specifically he (...abbreviated)
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