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IEC 60300-3-7:1999 ed1.0
Dependability management - Part 3-7: Application guide - Reliability stress screening of electronic hardware
69 стр.
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31.020 Electronic components in general / Электронные компоненты в целом03.120.01 Quality. Including general aspects related to reliability and maintainability / Качество в целом. Включая общие аспекты, связанные с надежностью и ремонтопригодностью
Serves as an application guide to a reliability stress screening process for electronic hardware. The concept, purpose and justification of the screening process are explained. The standard is intended as a guide to be used with one of the IEC reliability stress screening standards. It gives guidance in cases where it is essential that early failures be removed from the items manufactured in order to deliver them to the customer when the problems causing the early failures are solved. It gives guidance on where the reliability stress screening should be carried out, i.e. component, subsystem or system level.