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IEC 61163-1:1995 ed1.0
Reliability stress screening - Part 1: Repairable items manufactured in lots
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03.120.01 Quality. Including general aspects related to reliability and maintainability / Качество в целом. Включая общие аспекты, связанные с надежностью и ремонтопригодностью21.020 Characteristics. Including reliability, dependability, maintainability, durability, etc. / Характеристики и конструкция механизмов, приборов и оборудования. Включая надежность, безотказность, ремонтопригодность, долговечность и т.д.03.120.30 Application of statistical methods / Применение статистических методов
These processes are applicable for lots of repairable hardware items, in cases where the items have an unacceptably low reliability in the early failure period, and when other methods, like reliability growth programmes and quality control techniques, are not applicable.