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IEC 61760-1:2006 ed2.0
Surface mounting technology - Part 1: Standard method for the specification of surface mounting components (SMDs)
60 стр.
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311.22 CHF (включая НДС 20%)
31.240 Mechanical structures for electronic equipment / Механические конструкции электронного оборудования
IEC 61760-1:2006-04(en-fr) gives a reference set of process conditions and related test conditions to be used when compiling component specifications of electronic components that are intended for usage in surface mount technology. The main changes with regard to the previous edition concern:
- requirements related to lead-free soldering;
- extension of the scope to include also components mounted by gluing;
- direct reference to IEC 60068-2-58 for requirements on solderability and resistance to soldering heat;
- classification into categories based on the component's ability to withstand resistance to soldering heat has been deleted.