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Aerospace - Commercial Aircraft Hydraulic Systems
This SAE Aerospace Information Report (AIR) has been compiled to provide information on hydraulic systems fitted to commercial aircraft. Data has been provided for the following aircraft types:
  1. a Wide body jet airliners;
  2. b Narrow body jet airliners;
  3. c Turboprop/commuter aircraft.
The aircraft that have been included in this document are in operational service with either airlines or cargo operators. No information is presented for aircraft that are currently being developed. The following information is provided for each aircraft:
  1. Design requirements: Governing airworthiness regulations
  2. System pressure: Fluid power system operating pressure
  3. Hydraulic fluid: Type of fluid system is designed for
  4. Number of hydraulic systems: Number and identification of independent hydraulic systems
  5. System temperature: Minimum and maximum design operating temperatures
  6. Main hydraulic pump data: Flow, pressure, displacement
  7. Auxiliary pump data: System auxiliary pump or back-up data
  8. Hydraulic motor data: System hydraulic motor requirements
  9. Accumulator data: Usage, volume and precharge requirements
  10. Reservoir data: Type, volume and pressure
  11. Relief valve data: Usage, crack and reseat pressures, rated flow
  12. Filtration: Usage, filtration rating
  13. Tubing data: Materials, sizes, wall thicknesses
  14. Fitting data: Type, size range, material
  15. Schematic diagram: System architecture, services supplied and details of power pressure and supply systems
Hydraulic systems